Miss Hickory snuggles among the warm jars of pumpkin butter, fresh from the water bath.

Miss Hickory snuggles among the warm jars of spicy pumpkin butter, fresh from the water bath.

Feeling somewhat neglected, Agapanthus and Hedydd journeyed from upstairs to down, intent on discovering the reason for the shift in attention. The dining table was covered in fabric, nothing unusual in that. However, it was not the bits and pieces commonly associated with Hitty-Stitchery, but gaily-patterned material and embellishments evoking a culture not entirely familiar to the Mad for the Farthing Crowd.

Suspicions aroused.

Suspicions aroused.

Panthy in the Ginkgo 3 copy copy

  The liquid heat of Summer lingers still, seeking to arrest the changes Autumn longs to bring. There have been no sharp cold mornings yet to shock the Ginkgoes into vibrant yellow, just the slow ebb of green from leaf.

Panthy in the Evening Ginkgo


Sunlight and Shadow Collage

In the last year of her life, Queen Victoria crocheted eight woolen scarves to be presented to selected military men fighting in South Africa as awards for service. Although there appears to be some question about precisely whom received the awards beyond the four servicemen from the British Regular Army, it is believed that a scarf was presented to four Colonial soldiers from the countries of New Zealand, South Africa, Australia and Canada.  More information, including photographs, may be found here and here.

The scarves were five feet long, including fringe, and nine inches wide.  Victoria’s Royal Cipher was embroidered in red in the lower corner of the scarf.

Since Hitty has her very own particular brand of majesty and enjoys friendships with Hittygirls throughout the “Empire”, indeed the world, she thought herself more than worthy to create and receive such a distinguished honor. So, we present “Queen Hittoria’s Scarf”.

Hedydd With QH Scarf

Hitty’s Knittys, a happy group of needle-workers from around the world, recently paid tribute to the delightful Quimper Hittys by participating in Knit-A-Long featuring an original pattern by Sylvia Bo Bilvia of Softsweater Knits – The Lonely Tree. Rose, of the Quimper Hittys, recently completed a number of beautiful lace shawls that set Hitty’s needle-working community a-buzz with admiration, determination and not a little covetousness.

An intrepid knitter and teacher led the lace-knitting KAL with much patience, grace and humor.  Oh, there were many dropped stitches and much ripping out of rows, likely even some gnashing of teeth, but success was achieved by many and learning accomplished by all.



Delphie wraps herself in a Lonely Tree.

Delphie wraps herself in a Lonely Tree.


     Delphie’s shawl was knit with KnitPicks Bare Shadow Lace Yarn, hand-dyed with Kool-Aid.

Sylvia’s original pattern may be found on Ravelry.


Korean "Bae"

Korean “Bae” 배 – Delicious Pear-Apples

Celeste the Dolly. A Victorian Doll's Scrapbook

"Have you never felt a doll's wish?" ~ Rumer Godden

Adventures with Penny

Penny the traveling clothespin doll shares her adventures at home and abroad.

Hitty at Rose Cottage

"Have you never felt a doll's wish?" ~ Rumer Godden

"Have you never felt a doll's wish?" ~ Rumer Godden


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