It simply did not matter that the air was so thick with humidity that Hedydd could lean forward and swim, nor that the day was so hot. The opportunity was not to be had in their own home and so would not be squandered while available. She left the Pie Society laden with boxes, bags and bottles and had a veritable feast – bubbling meat pies and flaky pasties – with friends and family.

Pie Society

It is somewhat sad, but true, that The Carver and Companion showed very little restraint this particular afternoon and even returned the following day to purchase additional gifts for celebrants and family. It was, honestly, a moment of “From Your Mouth To God’s Ears”, when, after bemoaning the lack of a cherished malted beverage the previous week, it was discovered, in abundance, at the Pie Society: Horlicks

A trip to the East Coast gave Hitty Agapanthus an opportunity to visit Fort McCallister State Park.  Along the banks of the Ogeechee River, grey-green moss dribbled down the cypress and giant live oaks.


The afternoon was deliciously gloomy, rain threatening across the marsh.

Jane Rain

Aggie wandered along the jetty, where she discovered dozens of tiny crabs scuttling among the gnarled roots and driftwood. Many of them saluted her, waving their out-sized white claws in the air, inviting her to venture further into their sandy kingdom.


But the rain moved more swiftly than anticipated, and Agapanthus could not linger.

“For thus has the Lord said to me: “Go, set a watchman,
Let him declare what he sees.”
“… I stand continually on the watchtower in the daytime;
I have sat at my post every night.”
Isaiah 21: 6 & 8
Hedydd was at her post just after noon. She chose a spot that allowed, despite the long leaves of the peace lily, a fair view through the glass door to the street beyond.

Watchman 1a

There she determined to stay, until the day’s mail arrived and her watch was ended. She waited with thousands of others, throughout Alabama and throughout the world. It was moment to celebrate.

Watchman 2

It was a quintessentially Southern afternoon, perfect for this quiet celebration. Fresh-baked bread rested under a cotton towel; iced tea steeped in the old pitcher. Clouds, just begging to burst, built high into the hot air. Cicadas thrummed their love song, waiting. Hoping.

Watchman 3
The doorbell rang and a brown package passed into eager hands. Apron removed and iced tea poured, Hedydd settled into a big, comfy chair. The wait was over and the adventure began.

Saturday was the last day for the Gee’s Bend Quilters Collective exhibit at the Wiregrass Museum of Art. The afternoon was oppressive with the heat and humidity typical of Lower Alabama, but that did not deter Hitty Jellicakes.

Gee's Bend Sign WMA


The gallery contained a small group of quilts from the collective in Boykin, Alabama. Both large and small works were exhibited – one so small Jellicakes thought it surely must have been created for a fellow doll! There were quilts made from denim, corduroy and one from recycled United States Post Office shirts. They were all so exuberant, but Jellicakes favorite was “Pigs in a Pen”.


Pigs in a Pen



To see more beautiful quilts, you can visit, virtually, Boykin, Alabama and the Gee’s Bend Quilt Mural Trail, by following this link: https://sway.com/rKc9a7HLcGEYJy9h

A video, featuring quilters of Gee’s Bend and more quilts from the exhibition, can be found here: http://www.wiregrassmuseum.org/exhibition-videos/

Father’s Day almost always means a new bow tie or two. It’s a tradition the Mad For The Farthing Crowd looks forward to with gusto. More is, after all, more. The fabric is chosen with great…abandon, let’s say, but the pattern remains basically the same. This year, however, Hitty Hedydd decided her two cents should be worth a little extra and compelled the Seamstress to provide a new pinny, along with the bow tie, should the need ever arise when a small wooden doll might need camouflage in the dressing room.

Grape Pinny

Hidden among the hundreds.

Barbeque is practically a worshipful experience in the South, and, not unlike religion, differences can cause heated ~ pun intended ~ debate among it’s devotees. There’s Memphis and Kansas City styles. The Carolinas, Texas and Alabama have their special methods and sauces. No matter the region, the finest barbeque always seems to be found in the most humble of places, and that is where fastidious Snip found herself late on Saturday afternoon.

Snip Heated Exchange 2

Silly Snip! It was delicious – positively divine!

Slocomb tomatoes were for sale on the counter. Twin spigots from two large urns leaked sweet tea slowly onto thick white towels. Chins were dappled with barbeque sauce as were the piles of crumpled paper napkins and an occasional nose. Snip shivered when she found herself set before the numerous bottles of the spicy concoction. Her new pinny was a source of pride and, other than the dainty embroidery, was spotlessly white. Mild, Hot, Medium, Sweet or the thin vinegar of North Carolina-lots of flavors to muss a treasured garment. She watched warily as a drop began its untidy descent down the side of the bottle. Before it could travel any further and cause a laundry-day emergency in the Hitty Household, or embarrassment for herself, she skipped away, hopping back into her green bag, unwilling to partake in this particular act of worship.

Monday afternoons are made brighter by the arrival of a large crate of organic produce from Living Tree Health Foods. Opening the box is almost like diving into a Christmas stocking with tempting treats, lovely aromas and cheerful colors.  This Monday, the box was overflowing with zucchini, carrots, avocado, beautiful sweet potatoes and…

“Lee-chee nuts!”

“No! Lye-chee nuts!”

“Lee-chee!” “Lye-chee!”


“Things have come to a pretty pass…”

And, as often is the case on Christmas morning, a small squabble occurred. A difference of opinion regarding the correct pronunciation of lychee almost spoiled the otherwise exciting discovery of the delicacy hidden at the very bottom of the box.  Snip insisted on “lye”; Hedydd on “lee”, as was the custom of the household. A bit of instruction on manners and the Chinese language (Well, as much as could be cobbled together…) was offered. Snip and Hedydd made their peace and joined the family in sampling the tasty fruit.



“Nut!” “Fruit!”

Let’s call the whole thing off!


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