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Errands 1

Must have the jingle!


“Small town” doesn’t always mean small in area. Sometimes it takes a little doin’ to organize errands – to come into town on a warm afternoon and take care of the little necessaries of daily life. Of course, visiting must be done along with the errands – catching up.  That is the charm of a small town, and of neighborhoods all over the world, big cities and village alike. Hedydd folded the shopping tote and made sure she had enough pocket money to jingle in her book-bag.



Errands 2

The proprietress knows just what to suggest.



After the credit union, the first stop was Living Tree Health Foods. The peppermint aroma upon opening the door was deliciously refreshing. Besides the required items, licorice was procured (can’t leave the Living Tree without it), plus a few pieces of gummy-yummy ginger candy.


Errands 3a

Art happens here.






Fraley’s Frames was next. A portrait of someone special, photographed by someone special, is being framed, and it was time to check on the progress. It’s a shop full of interesting artwork and friendly, chatty folks.





Errands 4




After stopping at the Post Office, a visit to the Sewing Center, where Hedydd needed the special assistance of native Alabamians in choosing a particular shade of crimson. Hedydd giggled to find the ladies had the number identifying the color taped to the cash register, so often was it requested. However, she required floss for hand embroidery, not for machine, and that led to a search…and plenty of conversation.




Errands 5a

How can one resist a “Personal Watermelon”? Well, Hedydd couldn’t and didn’t.




The last stop for the afternoon was the grocery store.  Hedydd enjoys a ride in the “buggy” and the people-watching. Shopping might be for re-stocking the pantry, but Hedydd knows the aisles are made for visiting with happily met friends, bursting with good news.


Hyacinth Paw-Paw shed all but garters, stockings and boots to celebrate World Naked Gardening Day. Taking her rake, she sauntered unashamedly into the garden, determined to enjoy a perfect Alabama day, make herself useful and putter in the pepper plants.

Hot Stuff

Cajun Belles – Not Too Hot Stuff

The 2 o’clock sun unfortunately filtered through the blinds, faintly illuminating the stage manager’s station. No need for a work-light during the matinée performance of ESCC’s “GODSPELL”. Suitably costumed, in case an understudy might be required, Hedydd gathered tools of the trade around her, to assist in the task of calling the show: script, com, flashlight, pencil…chocolate. Lots of chocolate.

Godspell Matinee

Day by day, or show by show, there’s always Hedydd

You can see more photos of ESCC’s “Godspell” on Facebook at ESCC Theatre.

Hitty Hedydd celebrated Girl’s Nite Out – Paint The Town Purple with ladies from her community, enjoying music, companionship, food and fun while supporting Domestic Violence Awareness. She found the prettiest spot in all of downtown Enterprise, a traveling case filled with lovely vintage linens. Vanolli & Co, definitely a favorite spot for a favorite Hitty pastime…shopping!

Paint The Town Pretty 2

“I enjoy being a girl!”

Hitty Hana, a friend from Northeast Alabama, and Hitty Dani spent a happy hour in the garden of the Sweet Home Hittys investigating the statuary and enjoying the first signs of Spring.

Love Lift Us Up 2

Over the Presidents’ Day week-end, Hedydd once again joined her theatre family in a re-mounting of Vaughn McBride’s “Pass My Imperfections Lightly By”, a one-woman play about the life of Mary Todd Lincoln. She made herself useful, of course, assisting with last minute technical issues and checking the props.

Gel Frame

Framed! Hedydd helps change the gel for a lighting instrument.

Before the doors opened, she made sure everything was in its place, ready for the hands of the actress – the scrapbook, the old photos, a handkerchief.


A glance at Mary’s memories

There was also a quick moment to inspect a most interesting prop: an old stereopticon.


A stereopticon – the View-Master of yesteryear


by Snip Herbert

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