Hyacinth Paw-Paw joined the family on a blissfully chilly November day to assist with the seasonal decor. She found herself surrounded by a grove of tiny sisal trees and her black boots dusted with chalky snow. Her task was to choose just the right combination of trees appropriate for the wreath and the wreath-maker.

Wreathing 1

Hyacinth Paw-Paw deliberated carefully, giving each little tree her full attention. She straightened the trunks of some and tidied the branches of others. There were a few that had their own special character, and those she left alone, knowing they would be appreciated as they were.

Wreathing 2

At the end of the day, lovely progress had been achieved, improvements considered and plans made. It was a gentle start to a gentle season and her heart was filled with cheer.

Wreathing 3

“Whereas it is fitting that the recurring anniversary

of this date should be commemorated with

thanksgiving and prayer and exercises designed to

perpetuate peace through good will and mutual

understanding between nations…”

Veteran's Day Parade 2015, Enterprise, Alabama

Veterans Day Parade 2015, Enterprise, Alabama




Hitty Mumsie

All Hallows’ Eve ~ Hitty Danelle flees from Mumsie!

Hitty Hedydd joined friends and family at the park to celebrate the Enterprise, Alabama Taoist Tai Chi® Society’s 10th anniversary. She was mesmerized watching the graceful motion of the practitioners moving silently as one. The sword set was thrilling! Of course, there was a delightful variety of things to eat and to share with others enjoying a perfect Autumn day in the park.


Tai Chi Collage 2

“Compassion” was the highlight of Hedydd’s day. Based on the “Allegory of the Long Spoons”, relay teams manipulated yard-long chopsticks, placing cornstarch packing-peanut “rice” into their neighbor’s bowl. Everyone, thankfully, was a winner.

One version of the Allegory of the Long Spoons may be found here.

And to learn more about the Taoist Tai Chi® Society and the benefits of Tai Chi, please visit http://www.taoist.org

Good friends often have need of one another, and it is a pleasant thing to share a task made easier by the many hands…or hooves. Hitty Hedydd thought Charles Lamb might be just the friend to help with a formidable sorting project. Bags, boxes and bins of yarn from a long-closed yarn shop needed organizing, categorizing and tidying before being offered to family, friends, schools and charity shops. It would not be a task for a single afternoon, but it would be well begun.


Woolly Bully

Charles Lamb was knit many years ago from a free pattern offered by the Flutterby Patch and can be found here: http://flutterbypatch.blogspot.com/2009/05/knitted-sheep-in-woolly-land.html

Past Autumns left the usually generous Mad for the Farthing Crowd feeling miserly regarding their persimmon quotient.  The stocky little tree in the front garden had never borne an abundance of fruit – some years nary a one. It had been pruned, fed, oiled and pampered for many seasons with little result. So, naturally, every fruit produced was highly prized and, yes, selfishly consumed.

This year, however, brought forth a crop worth noting. Plump orange persimmons covered the tree, causing some branches to bend almost to the ground. Hedydd climbed into the tree and drank in the first sun in many days.

Persimmon and Sun

Ripening persimmons


Hedydd was happy there would be enough persimmons to share this year…but first, a seasonal treat! Delicious!


Persimmon and Cosmos

Frozen and partially thawed persimmons make a delicious sorbet!

Hitty Hedydd is grateful that, despite her late arrival into the family, she is always included in the celebrations that were established before her adoption. This includes Chuseok, the Korean harvest festival that some like to call the Korean Thanksgiving. It is a time to honor one’s ancestors, spend time with family and, of course, eat special foods.  And there are games. Hedydd likes to play all sorts of games.

The family arrived too late in the day at the market to purchase traditional rice cakes (Songpyeon, a type of Tteok, ) freshly prepared. So, along with other delicacies, into the basket went some pretty frozen rice cakes. A delicious dinner was eaten, the Harvest Moon, sadly, only made a brief appearance, and there were plenty of leftovers.  Did I mention the Hedydd likes to play games?

떡, 떡, Goose!

떡, 떡, Goose! A friend joins Hedydd for a bit of wordplay.



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