Friends of the Mad for the Farthing Crowd often bring small tokens of affection and friendship. Such thoughtfulness is always appreciated and enjoyed. A handful of curious acorn caps arrived recently, found by a bright-eyed and observant young friend. What to do?


Snip thought some seasonal millinery might be just the thing.


Hittys Dani and Snip find their new hats vastly amusing, if not the very height of Fall fashion.


But…who wore it best?

“…most dear actors, eat no onions nor garlic, for we are to utter sweet breath”

A  Midsummer Night’s Dream, Act 4, Scene 2


 The “live and let live” garlic chives spread their cheer copiously throughout the garden. It is hard to uproot something that volunteers such a pretty flower, even if its fragrance is not as sweet as some might like, so the plants are left to sprout where they may, and year after year, surprises are found…and cherished.



The seasons roll along, like a river sometimes squeezed into a fast-rushing stream, days clicking by at top speed; other times widening so far the momentum seems to cease. Long days. Slow days. With the hot summer days and stormy afternoons, the Korean pears had ripened beautifully without anyone hardly noticing. There was not quite the abundance of past summers, but they were sweeter than sweet and chin-staining juicy.

Peah 2016

A perfect pear

The pears were divided according to size of fruit and size of family. Taffy helped check for beak jabs – damage suspected of the unruly Mockingbird. Then the pears were loaded into bags, ready for delivery to friends, neighbors, admirers and converts. Oh, and plenty left for the Wiregrass Hittys.

In 2007, during their time in the United Kingdom, the Wiregrass Hitties and Mad for the Farthing Crowd enjoyed time with friends new and old.

Outside Looking In 1

Palestine’s tea party has brought a visitor from the bottom of the garden to the cottage window. Poor little fellow.

Hitty Dixee Serves Our Fairy A Piece of Cake 1

After bringing him in from the rain, Dixee serves the wee fairy a slice of cake.

Warwick's Untidy Accident 1

The party moved into the main house, but Warwick, hoping for another piece of the bombe, lingered at the table…and had an untidy accident. Oh, dear!

Help for Warwick 1

Help is on the way, Warwick!

Crumb Tidiers 1

More friends, Bubble and Squeak, the Sugar Mice from Oxford, arrive in time to help with the tidying.

Late for Tea 1

Yorick, “late” as usual, is the last guest to Hitty’s table. All are welcome.


We like to play a game at times, when we vacation with the Wiregrass Hitties and Mad for the Farthing Crowd. We did travel with the tea set, the dishes and a few accessories. To play the game, however, we limited ourselves to a pound apiece and whatever treasures could be found in our cottage or contrived from whatever was to hand. The table was constructed with two soft-boiled egg cups and a small cutting board. The “tablecloth” is two hankies found at a charity shop, as is the lace overlay. The flowers, wish I knew what they were, grew inside the glass porch in Westgate Cottage, Warwick. We whooped when we found the thimble at another charity shop – the ladies there rejoiced with us.

Further adventures with Yorick may be found here.

Years ago, a mere blink of an eye really, if one is a Hitty, the Wiregrass Hitties had a most memorable holiday in the UK. They were accompanied by friends: The Traveling Hitty Pearl S. Buck and The Intrepid Agatha Deerstalker. Time spent there was and is much treasured, as were the friends made. It was very hard to say good-bye.

A Grey Day in England 1

Time has come to leave this lovely isle. The grey weather matches gloomy spirits.

A Proper Tea 1

Faithful Palestine prepares a small festivity.

A Charming Tea Should Lift Our Spirits 1

A proper tea should lift all our spirits.

Hitty Palestine Welcomes Warwick and Daisy 1

Palestine welcomes Warwick and Daisy, newly met friends from town.

Gathered 'Round the Table 1

Everyone gathers around the table. Doesn’t that chocolate bombe look tempting? Warwick is exceedingly fond of chocolate.






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