Though excited to attend the Halloween Ball, Hitty Mumsie was fairly certain this was the “Root of All Evil” her mum had warned her about, and so declined to dance.

Root of All Evil_2

Creader on the River

A heavenly fragrance lured Hedydd into the garden. The sun was bright and hot. A venerable Pecan offered not only shade, but played host to the bearer of the sweet aroma…the Confederate Jessamine. The vine had rambled and twined unchecked for many seasons, but this Spring found it so high into the pecan that it had run out of branches to embrace only to cascade downward in glorious ropes of rich cream and glossy green.

Confederate Jasmine

A sanctuary from the heat of an Alabama afternoon, the jasmine provided a wonderful hide-away for a little doll with a heart full of dreams. Perhaps she dreams of faraway places; perhaps of a sister called Jessamine…as sweet and light as the scented air.

Knowing I loved my books, he furnished me
From mine own library with volumes that
I prize above my dukedom.
The Tempest, Act I, Scene 2
by William Shakespeare


Hedydd was simply along for the ride. Still a-purse since yesterday’s errands, she stretched her wooden limbs and nestled further into the familiar hand-bag…if not completely sure where she was headed, she certainly knew it wasn’t THAT place!

From the dark, she heard a happy gasp, a flurry of cheerful conversation, and the zip of her hide-away being opened. In a moment, she was greeted with the sight of her favorite volume and more!

The Friends of the Dothan Houston County Library were hosting a book sale. Displayed in a corner of the room, some in a dear little suitcase, some neatly arranged for ease in viewing, were “vintage” books – all sorts. The first one spied was “Hitty, Her First Hundred Years”. Standing next to “Hitty” was “Twig”, and beyond “Twig”, “Penny”. Books indeed to be prized and treasured.

Friends of the Dothan Library Sale

Surely a kindred spirit had made these generous and timely donations!

Hitty, Her First Hundred Years by Rachel Field, Illustrations by Dorothy P. Lathrop

Penny, Story and Illustrations by Marjorie Torrey

Twig, Author and Illustrator, Elizabeth Orton Jones

Dothan Houston County Libary


The clouds were indecisive, not precisely lowering, but not entirely without threat. It was a mild afternoon, but Hitty Agapanthus still required a small wrap to ward off the moisture under the tall pines. Rambling through the garden under a irresolute sky provoked a delicious trepidation in the Small Wooden, allowing her imagination to take flight.

Hitty Antique Greenhouse

The antique greenhouse was gloomy-grey, the ancient breath of long-expired plants dried like dusty lace on the windows.



A fluorescent camellia on the edge of the wood offered a spot of brightness. Panthy strayed no further off the path.

Phantom Owls

The most delightful thrill of all were the Phantom Owls watching warily from the surface of the pond. Panthy blinked her painted eyes and they had flown, like her imagination, to some other secret world. But I suspect you can see them, too…


Dothan Area Botanical Gardens

No one seemed to be home, when Hitty Agapanthus knocked on the door of the wee fairy house on Green Street. She was disappointed. Perhaps the residents were about their business, tending the garden as it faded into Autumn, but surely someone should be there to greet her!

Gardens on Green Fairy House Door

Where have they got to?


Bearengaria, however, found a shady arbor and settled in with a very good book.


Gardens on Green Gari

A perennial favorite!


Agapanthus is not normally given to sulks, but having not spotted a fairy, in any garden, was still feeling out-of-sorts at the end of the day.


Blue Doll Pumpkin

“Blue Doll” pumpkins for a very blue doll.








October 1rst is World Day of Bullying Prevention. Taffenous is ready to #BlueUp – wear blue – raising awareness about bullying and cyber-bullying. Now, most Hittys have clear expectations of how they should be treated, always with deference, naturally, but those same Hittys, and the folks they live with, are invariably kind, generous and inclusive.

Hat Not Hate 2018

“And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ’s sake hath forgiven you” Ephesians 4:32  

The Lion Brand Yarn Company is also contributing to the campaign with “Hat, Not Hate”, encouraging folks to create and wear blue hats. Taffy always enjoys new headgear, so was pleased to don a blue Kitty-Hitty-Hatty. The little people in her life have a new, blue, woolly headband and a hair tie to wear on October 1rst. They might have a difficult time understanding big ideas like “raising awareness”, “prevention” and “resistance”, but even the smallest person can share kindness.


To find out more about the campaign, visit:


We have no association or affiliation with Lion Brand Yarn, other than enjoying their web-site and their products. To check out their involvement with this issue, visit:


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