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For over thirty years, Thanksgiving dinner had included stuffing made with tart apples, tangy onions and spicy sausage. Delicious! However, it began as a unilateral decision, becoming worthy of the vote only as children grew of an age to have an opinion. There had only been one dissenting vote in those decades. One solitary voice asking for redress of this culinary grievance. Appeals to equality of culture went unheard. There was no debate. Nor was there cornbread dressing.


Cornbread in a cast iron skillet

2016 has been a most unusual year in politics, and the politics of this Thanksgiving were no different. The majority would not rule! With her usual firm sense of self, Snip didn’t bother with a recount. Didn’t bother with a count at all, but plunged into the work with an unexpected zeal. She produced a deep, golden, whole-grained cornbread in preparation for the Redressing of the Dressing. Justice is served.


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A ramble in the woods

Forever Wild Trails, Dothan, Alabama

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If that is how God clothes the grass of the field,which is here today and tomorrow is thrown into the fire, will he not much more clothe you-you of little faith? 

                                                                                       Matthew 6:30

On the north side of the gray house lie both Nathaniel’s Bower and the “Oh, Ye of Little Faith” Garden. Nathaniel’s Bower hosts the fig trees, already sleepily shedding their leaves as days grow shorter.  In contrast, the “Oh, Ye” Garden is full of life; home, at the moment, to the ridiculously tall and spindly coreopsis, some of them eight feet tall! The Hittys love to lounge in the window that overlooks the garden, especially during Autumn, watching as fat bumble bees, migrating butterflies and jeweled hummingbirds zip, flutter and dart among the brilliant orange blossoms.  Snip thinks rambling through the flowers is even better.


Tiptoe through the tickweed…

The dollies also enjoy the gentle taunts and jabs of the neglectful gardener crowing that the “weeds” had once again blossomed, as predicted, despite the faithlessness of others ready to wreak havoc with their rakes and hoes.

The garden had evolved, slowly, over several years from a tidy garlic, basil and pepper patch to this wild, neighbor-provoking tangle. With a handful of wildflower seeds, waves of poppies, cosmos, sunflowers and now, tickweed had graced the garden, providing nourishment for travelers and entertainment for the residents.

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Friends of the Mad for the Farthing Crowd often bring small tokens of affection and friendship. Such thoughtfulness is always appreciated and enjoyed. A handful of curious acorn caps arrived recently, found by a bright-eyed and observant young friend. What to do?


Snip thought some seasonal millinery might be just the thing.


Hittys Dani and Snip find their new hats vastly amusing, if not the very height of Fall fashion.


But…who wore it best?

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Hyacinth Paw-Paw shimmied into a warm flannel dress and then leaped into an equally warm pocket for a outing at the local park.

Fisherman pack their gear at day's end

Fisherman pack their gear at day’s end

The weather wasn’t really cold, but cold enough for Southern noses to redden, even a wooden nose!


Chilly enough for flannel, but no need for a shawl

The trees at last have turned, jubilantly proclaiming Autumn, though Winter is but days away.

Red Tree in Park

A setting sun catches the Autumn colors

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Hyacinth Paw-Paw joined the family on a blissfully chilly November day to assist with the seasonal decor. She found herself surrounded by a grove of tiny sisal trees and her black boots dusted with chalky snow. Her task was to choose just the right combination of trees appropriate for the wreath and the wreath-maker.

Wreathing 1

Hyacinth Paw-Paw deliberated carefully, giving each little tree her full attention. She straightened the trunks of some and tidied the branches of others. There were a few that had their own special character, and those she left alone, knowing they would be appreciated as they were.

Wreathing 2

At the end of the day, lovely progress had been achieved, improvements considered and plans made. It was a gentle start to a gentle season and her heart was filled with cheer.

Wreathing 3

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“Whereas it is fitting that the recurring anniversary

of this date should be commemorated with

thanksgiving and prayer and exercises designed to

perpetuate peace through good will and mutual

understanding between nations…”

Veteran's Day Parade 2015, Enterprise, Alabama

Veterans Day Parade 2015, Enterprise, Alabama




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