“…just being here is winning…”


Bee 2 copy

Agapanthus as Leaf Coneybear. “Home-schooled from the Basin”.


The days have been busy, but blissfully sunny and cool…practically a miracle in the Wiregrass. The Bean Tipi is coming along nicely. Gardening began in the kitchen on Saturday evening, with the pole beans soaking in warm water.

Bean Bean 2

Come Sunday, Panthy soaked the peat pellets in a pie plate, (Say that three times fast!) before pressing a handy chopstick into service, poking holes so the beans could nestle cozily in a warm dark cocoon.

Poking Holes

Agapanthus isn’t anyone’s fool this April 1rst, but she might be stringing a pair of Old Fools along. Up and out early in the vivid Alabama morning, she convinced the Gardeners of her expertise in the construction of bean towers, or at least her willingness to help.

Panthy and the Tipi 2

Agapanthus balances high on the green bean tipi.

Investigating Alternatives

Perhaps it was simply an accident. Perhaps it was a deliberate act. No evidence was uncovered, though a thorough search of the garden was made. The missing was never found; the victim not made whole. Was this a bungled attempt at Murder Most Fowl?

Rather than play at sleuthing, the Hittys Hana and Agapanthus performed a Mission of Mercy for the old stone rooster and provided him, until such time that proper care could be rendered, with a somewhat piratical prosthesis and cozy beak-warmer.


Brave Hana balances carefully as she adjusts the prosthetic beak.


As always, many thanks to the Sweet Home Hittys of Vestavia Hills!


They begin arriving, so it seems, the very day after Christmas. Every year. Relentlessly. Full of temptations no gardener or hope-to-be gardener can possibly resist. Before the last gasp of an Alabama winter, the stacks pile up on the odd counter or coffee table. If hidden, they call to you in an achingly sweet chorus, fluttering their gaily colored pages, making impossible promises, weaving dreams too fantastical to utter aloud.

“Horticultural Materials or the Seduction of the Seed Catalog”


Paisley dog-ears the page, marking the choice of Green Wizards for this year’s garden.

No one is immune to the appeal, least of all the Mad for the Farthing Crowd. Since they share the same sort of vascular system as do these beauties, one can understand the draw. And all the dollies love pretty flowers.  However, they do feel that these seedy snares ought arrive in plain brown wrappers. Recycled plain brown wrappers, of course.

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven…

                                             Ecclesiastes 3:1

Landmark Park offered a Folk Arts Workshop Week-end. The Wiregrass Hitties and Mad for the Farthing Crowd made a clever plan and decided to attend, en (small) masse. Their purpose? The Hitty Hive Mind determined that wood-turning could be a clear path to population growth.


A basket of dollies; models and inspiration

A pepper-mill seemed like a good choice for learning to turn the lovely curves of a farthing doll. The teacher was very responsive to the request for a small change in the pattern and provided great instruction for both a traditional style mill and a rather differently shaped one.


A fellow student with instructor, Paul M. Cox, turns an easy-to-grasp pepper-mill.

During the short breaks, Agapanthus admired the work of the more experienced wood-turners. The bowl of spalted wood was charming; the winged bowl of flamed box elder, breathtaking, but Aggie really loved the quirky, colorful bowl turned from colored pencils.


Agapanthus rejoices in the beautiful work of Wiregrass Woodturners Murphy Jones and Bob Newsome.

The Queen’s Doll decided the Pepper-Mill had gotten ideas above her station and thought to bring her down a peg or two. Still, she definitely has a head, shoulders and waistline.


Not an elegant introduction to the family…

After the dusty class, everyone went to the Martin Drugstore for a Black Cow, an ice cream soda and not-quite-a-penny candy.


Tottie chooses horehound, an old-fashioned treat for an old-fashioned doll


Landmark Park, Dothan, AL

Wiregrass Woodturners

C & S Wood Products

Martin Drugstore. Scroll down to see the store before it moved to Landpark Park, where it now resides, exactly as it was.




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