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What was meant to be an hour or so of tidying following a rainstorm turned into an afternoon of berry-picking. Hedydd was startled to hear the whoops of glee from the front garden. It was a rare moment of perfect timing and worthy of celebration.  Now, it was not an abundant crop, but the berries were close to ripeness and not yet greedily consumed by the neighborhood birds.

Am I Blue Too Too

Nobody really minds sharing, but it is pleasant, occasionally, to enjoy the literal fruits of one’s labor. Hedydd picked baskets of blueberries and dewberries, even a pineberry or two. There was enough for supper and to spare…and a gracious plenty left for feathered friends.


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Throughout the year, the leavings of various needle-work projects, rather than being tossed in the bin, are placed in a special wooden bowl. Since most of the knitting, crocheting and embroidery is done for the Mad for the Farthing Crowd, they naturally feel an affinity for these bits and bobs and, this year, Hedydd decided to assume control of the intended project: helping birds build nests.

Yarn Over Bowl

A year’s worth of needle-work

Though Winter is just shy of being a month old, signs of Spring are showing in the garden: days are lengthening, daffodils are pushing through, seasonal visitors have been noted. Soon nests will be in order.

Yarn Over Crape Myrtle

The moss-filled hole in the old crape myrtle is a suitable place to cache roving and yarn.

Yarn was stuffed into suet cages and draped over the gardenia, over the privet, the rambling rose and the even the branches of the neighbor’s crape myrtle, drooping over the fence. There was certainly enough left to grace the front garden, Hedydd knew, and some to share with the neighborhood children.

Yarn Over Over

Hedydd hopes for many beautiful and cozy nests come Spring.

If you’d like to join the Crowd and encourage nest building in your garden, please refer to this article published by The Humane Society of the United States.





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And if a stranger sojourn with thee in your land, ye shall not vex him.

But the stranger that dwelleth with you

Shall be unto you as one born among you,

And you shalt love him as thyself; for ye were strangers in the land of Egypt:

I am the LORD your God.

Leviticus 19: 33 & 34


Wood Hyacinths 2

Dainty Wood Hyacinths

Winter’s chill had slipped back into the garden.  It seemed to Miss Hickory that cold and warm played hide-and-go-seek throughout this month of March. The garden itself had tired of  Winter and had boldly proclaimed an end. Daffodils trumpeted the arrival of Spring. Azaleas dressed themselves in the brightest pinks, purples and shades between. Not to be outdone, dainty wood hyacinths made a brave showing around the garden shed. As well as buds and blossoms, birds were arriving in great numbers.

The local residents  celebrated Spring with renewed song and fresh nest-building.  Miss Hickory worked throughout the Winter providing seed and suet to the garden birds: the cardinals, sparrows, wrens and finches. The change of seasons also brought welcome visitors and singular passers-by.  A robin has spent some little time investigating the privet hedge and fruit trees this year, before deciding to continue northward with her fellows. Miss Hickory had hoped she would stay and produce a nest-full of bright blue eggs. Upon occasion, Red-headed Woodpeckers would poke around the upper reaches of  The Pecan. It was an inviting place, her garden, thought Miss Hickory. At least she strove to make it that way.

When the black birds with the sleek brown heads first arrived, Miss Hickory did not recognize the new-comers, but was anxious to be hospitable. She inquired of the locals about whom these strangers might be. “Cowbirds”, they chirped, warbled or shrieked. Dismayed, Miss Hickory knew that Cowbirds did not enjoy a good reputation among the bird-loving Big Folk. She understood that Big Folk thought their nesting habits questionable and their approach to family life suspect. Still, they were sojourners in her garden, and whether they chose to stay or continue the journey, she knew she must try to make them welcome.

After filling the bird-feeders, Miss Hickory scattered seed on the thick layer of leaves under the hedge.  She observed that Cowbirds preferred to forage on the ground. They seemed to be amiable dining companions, having  no objection to lunching with the Blackbirds and Grackles. That surely was something in their favor.

Azaleas dressed themselves in the brightest pink.

Azaleas dressed themselves in the brightest pinks.

The litter under her wooden toes muffled the small sound of her footsteps.  She crept through the hedge and looked across the expanse of the yard.  The garden continues under the fence, Miss Hickory thought, but beyond I do not call it “my garden”, but “another’s”.  Beyond the fence, I could be called a stranger. Yet the land did not stop for fences, for creeks or rivers, nor even for vast seas. It was all one land. We really are all one family, then, she pondered: the neighbor and the stranger; those we love and those we have not yet learned to love.  “We all share the one great garden”, Miss Hickory said, with understanding.  Shiny brown heads peered down at her through the privet. Miss Hickory turned her nut-head upwards and smiled.

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