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Morning 3b

Before the rising sun evaporates the evening’s rain


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Days of unseasonable heat and endless rain had taken a heavy toll on the community. The Wiregrass Hitties and Mad for the Farthing Crowd felt snug and safe inside their home, but it saddened them to know that others were suffering. The rivers had risen terrifyingly, the mud-rich waters gorging on their own banks and levees.  Ancestor Hitty had encountered such a river: the mighty Mississippi. Cast like Moses into the waters by a dubiously repentant Sally Loomis, she had been drenched and muddied until fished from the piles of an old wooden landing by young fisherman. The memory made little wooden hearts feel a greater compassion for their neighbors.


Raining Buckets

A sober Snip tucks towels into relief buckets. Is that a smudge on her cheek?

Family, friends and community rallied to help victims of the storms. The necessities were gathered and organized. And even the supremely self-concerned Snip lent a hand packing cleaning supplies into buckets for local flood relief.

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A trip to the East Coast gave Hitty Agapanthus an opportunity to visit Fort McCallister State Park.  Along the banks of the Ogeechee River, grey-green moss dribbled down the cypress and giant live oaks.


The afternoon was deliciously gloomy, rain threatening across the marsh.

Jane Rain

Aggie wandered along the jetty, where she discovered dozens of tiny crabs scuttling among the gnarled roots and driftwood. Many of them saluted her, waving their out-sized white claws in the air, inviting her to venture further into their sandy kingdom.


But the rain moved more swiftly than anticipated, and Agapanthus could not linger.

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Teddy Bear yates- the quiet life of a companion teddybear

The quiet life of a companion teddybear



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